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Rare Meek Reels

J.F & B.F. Meek brass reel, size 5

One of the earliest examples from this famous maker of Kentucky reels.  The maker name is J. F. & B.F. Meek, who were in business together in Frankfort, Kentucky in the 1850's. 

The screws are numbered and are made of German silver.  The horn finger grip is located on a 12:00 position counter-balanced 'S' shaped handle.  The size is similar to the later #5 made by Meek, but is not marked on the foot.  Based on owner provenance provided with this reel, it is likely this is one of two examples of this size and variation.  The other example is known to have been presented to president Grover Cleveland.



Meek & Milam 'zero' size

This previously unknown or unreported size 'zero' is one of the smallest Meeks ever reported.  Meek and Milam joined forces in the 1870's to produce some the the finest Kentucky reels ever made.




A comparison of a typical size #1 Meek on the left, and the Meek zero on the right


Now go look at this ultra rare # 8 B. F. Meek


Click here for a list of Meek maker marks for dating various Meek reels.

(Please note: I do not wish to buy reels by Pflueger, Penn, Ocean City, South Bend, Shakespeare, Abu-Garcia, or other post WW-II makers.)


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