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Custom Rod & Reel

Located in Lighthouse Point, on the East Coast of Florida Between West Palm and Ft. Lauderdale


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 Lighthouse Point, Florida

When in the Ft. Lauderdale-Boca Raton area of Florida, stop by Custom Rod & Reel in Lighthouse and say hello!  

We are major outfitters for all big game and saltwater tackle.  Our top quality custom rods are used on some of the best off-shore big game boats in the world.  We ship anywhere in the world and we are 'information central' for off-shore fishing.

GPS address: 1835 Northeast 25th Street
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064-7744
Phone: (954) 781-5600






Tom & the crew of Somoya at the US Virgin Islands Open/Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament


Contact Tom Greene and the crew at Custom Rod & Reel


Heavy Duty Quality Products and Services

Heavy duty rods, Electric reels, Big game equipment and rigging

We service what we sell.  That includes big game reels.



To view the products we carry in our store, click on any of the general links below, which will take you to detailed descriptions and images

Take the tour of our store to see what we carry day-to-day, if you don't see it, call or email us for availability and pricing

Detailed descriptions & images of our in-store tackle inventory

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Big game reels, Heavy trolling equipment, as well as conventional quality reels

Trolling rigs

Fishing line, leaders, wind-on leaders

Deep-drop rigs

Wahoo lures and deep drop rigs and weights

GoPro cameras & accessories

Clothing, shoes, hats, T-shirts, belts, sun blocking shirts

Dubro rod rod holders

Vacuum machines for packing catch or bait

Vacuum bag supplies

Information on local, and regional saltwater fishing, contacts in the industry world wide.  Local and Bahamas tournament information

Big game rods, trolling rods and reels

Deep-drop rods and reels

Lever drag and trolling reels

Reel parts

Lightly used reels and rods available

Soft lures & trolling heads, teasers, terminal rigging, leaders and crimps

All size crimping tools

Custom lead heads, plastic or Mylar lures in any color

Soft plastic fishing lures in hundreds of colors

Trolling squids and rubber skirts in all colors

Aftco foul weather gear

Fishing kites

Aftco curved aluminum rod butts

Rod and reel repair in-house, using high-quality parts

We ship to our customers all over the world daily

Custom built rods, personalized sets of boat rods with quality reels

Stand-up, trolling, casting, and spinning rods

Custom boat rod storage mounts for Stoa-butts systems

Fishing hooks, any size

Dredge gear & replacement parts

Stranded wire and cable & sleeves

Trolling dredges and rubber fish

Bait casting nets for professionals or beginners

Tri-shear cutters and large variety of pliers and wire cutters

Frozen trolling bait, chum in bulk: Ballyhoo, mullet, sardines, etc.

Big Yeti ice chests

Yeti beer or bait tanks

Low-Boy coolers

Medium and heavy duty fighting rods

Marlin, Tuna, and deep drop reel combinations

Saltwater fly reels and rods

Bait casting & spinning  reel combinations

Sword fish and deep-drop day-night fishing lights and rigs

Large and small Floating Bait cages

 Heavy deep-drop and trolling lead weights

Fishing sunglasses

Costa & Smith Optics glasses

Plastic storage boxes for tackle

Stand-up fighting belts and harnesses

Bulk line in all sizes and all makes.  In house high speed line-loading service

Reel Crankie line winding attachments for use with electric drills

Electric Reels & Wire Line outfits

Lindgren/Pitman, Hooker & Dolphin electric reels

Electric deep-drop reels

Hubble and Crystal electric reel combinations

Electric connectors & cables

Boat mounted rod holders, storage mounts for rods

Stackable bait trays

Bulk fishing line, braided and Kevlar,  Various size spools of bulk supplies

Bait dip nets in all sizes

Floating bait cages

Custom-made bags for larger lures

Reel-rod carrying cases

Reel bags & covers

Fighting chair belts & standing harnesses

Custom wrapped rods, built to your specifications, matching sets of any size rods

Complete outfitting of new boats and courteous consultations on tackle packages

Boat captain and mate referral contacts for boat owners


Gaffes: big & heavy duty

Flying gaffes & Harpoons

Down rigger & Sword fishing lights

Yeti, Coleman, and Engle coolers in all sizes

Charter boat referrals

Accessories & tools Pliers, crimping tools Rigging, split ring pliers, cable cutters,

Heavy wire and cable cutters

Terminal Tackle & Hooks

Sabaki rigs

Wahoo weights, lures, rigged and unrigged

Butterfly rigs, barrel and ball bering swivels

Calcutta & Aftco gloves

Fishing & Filet knives and sharpeners

Stackable bait prep trays

Books, How-to-information, gifts for your first mate

Free: local fishing gossip! 
We talk to everyone and are happy to share what we know

Local fishing tips and tournament information

Saltwater & freshwater fly rods and reels

Trolling tackle and lures

Heavy down-rig weights and deep-drop leads

Clothing, hats, shorts, shirts & boat shoes

Reel nice 'manly' gifts


 Ask us about our rod and reel service and repair, we service what we sell and repair most major brands


As our name implies, we build and decorate custom rods and reels to your specfications, view some of our artwork examples




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All sizes of YETI  and ESKY ice chests are in-store stock


Save your bait!

Or protect your catch.  Size does matter and we have one to fit your boat.

We are a local dealer for GoPro camera systems

 and accessories are stocked in-store



Take a look at one of our new innovative fishing products:


Website for Innovative Fishing Tackle

'Quality fishing products built to last'


Tri-Cutter & Reel Crankie products





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