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Note: these reels are, for the most part, in 'as found' condition.  Some have been cleaned by previous owners.  The photos speak for themselves. 

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Reel #       Description  

B. C. Milam, Frankfort, Ky., The Frankfort Kentucky Reel, No. 9, sn. 8050 , thumb pad, German sliver and leather


B. C. Milam reel No. 9 B. C. Milam, No. 9

Prior to 1882 the Meek & Milam Reel made in Frankfort by B. C. Milam, had become generally known in Kentucky as The Frankfort Reel and outside of the state as the Kentucky Reel or the Frankfort, Kentucky Reel, and was so advertised by Milam in 1882 and was so stamped by him in 1896. The descriptive term or phrase 'Frankfort, Kentucky Reel; was first used by Milam.


Kovalovsky, Calif., C type, No. 21, Big Game reel


Kovalovasky big game reel No. 21

Arthur Kovalovsky started making reels and rods in 1928. His Standard Model was made up until 1941. In 1945 he resumed reel making and did so up until his death in 1958 at the age of 77. The Standard Model incorporated his May 15, 1934 patent for a drag mechanism. The drag resembles a car break shoe design and is housed in the crank handle. Standard Model Type I reels are similar to that shown in his first patent. The Type II Standard Model was introduced in 1945 and sold until 1958. (R. Gast)


Roswell Lee, Sr., Miami, Big Game reel, first edition of this reel


Lee big game reel

Lee’s Tackle, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that began in 1920 when Edward J. Lee opened a retail fishing tackle store in Miami, Florida. In the mid 1930s, fueled by his love of fishing, creativity and zest for innovation, Roswell E. Lee, Sr. began manufacturing Big Game fishing reels. (Lee's Tackle)


Fin Nor, Big Game reel owned by Hemingway in Cuba, from Pilar boat, 1 of 2, documents available


Fin Nor big game reel owned by Hemmingway

Fin Nor, Big Game reel owned by Hemingway in Cuba, from Pilar boat, 2 of 2, documents available


Fin Nor, big game reel owned by Hemingway

Fin Nor, 15-0 , double handle, Big Game reel (note handle knob)


Fin Nor big game reel No. 15-0

Fin Nor, 15-0 double handle, Big Game reel (note handle knob)


Fin Nor big game reel No. 15-0, double handle

Fin-Nor of Miami Florida, who made their first Big Game reels in 1933 made a size that they catalogued as a 15/0. They were the only company to make a 15/0 reel and they made them until the mid 1940s when they finally dropped them from their line. (E. Pritchard)


Edward vom Hofe, 'Commander Ross', 12-0, 3rd Model 722, with free spool throw off, and improved harness, 'left handed', Big Game reel,



Edward vom Hofe big game reel, left handed, No. 12-0

Model 721 and 722 are the “Commander Ross”. These reels were made to catch the largest fish that swam in the sea with particular emphasis on Tuna, Broadbill, Marlin and Swordfish. The reel was available in two sizes, the 10/0 and the 12/0. The 721 differed from 722 only in the fact that the 722 had rim mounted free spool control fitted. It was without doubt the most meticulously engineered and constructed reel that the company made. It incorporated the Star Drag system, which in 1929 the company claimed to have invented. In fact this was not an invention but merely an improvement, the drag had the facility to be locked in place. This reel would be put to the severest test and because of this it featured some new features. The ebonite side plates were reinforced with a metal plate on the inside and in the case of the right hand side plate it formed a waterproof seal to protect the gear housing. The reel was fitted with a shoulder harness attachment that was fixed to one of the reel pillars. Spring ball oilers were fitted rather than the circular discs. This ensured positive oil supply at all times.  In 1934 the model 721 had been dropped and two new sizes added the 14/0 and the 16/0 these two new sizes were designated model 732. The 732 did not have a free spool throw off fitted as all control was from the star drag.  All the Commander Ross reels came with a free counter brace to counterbalance the upward pull of the shoulder harness.  (M. Duma)


Wm. G. Schauffler, 20-0, Big Game reel





Schauffler big game reel No. 20-0

The Schauffler reel built by Kohlhepp & Kimsey in New Jersey in the mid to late 1930s  made what is considered the Granddaddy of all reels: the 20/0. Due to lack of demand and cost concerns only a hand full of these reels were ever made and even fewer exist today. The measurements of a 20/0 would be between 9 to 10 inches in diameter and between 5-1/2 to 7 inches across the inside of the spool. (E. Pritchard)


Edward vom  Hofe, 722, 14-0, 'Commander Ross', with free spool throw switch, Big Game reel


Edward vom Hofe big game reel, No. 14-0

The 722  'Commander Ross' has the rim mounted free spool with a Star drag and shoulder harness attachment, spring ball oiler.  The 721 was discontinued in 1934, and the 722 was made in 14/0 and 16/0. (M. Duma)


Edward vom Hofe, 722, 16-0, 'Commander Ross', with free spool  throw switch, Big Game reel


Edward vom Hofe big game reel, No. 16-0

Endicott Wilson, Detroit, Big Game reel, c. 1940-50's



Endicott Wilson big game reel

Kovalovasky, Calif.,  Pat. No.1958919, size 20, Big Game reel


Kovalovasky big game reel No. 20

Edward vom  Hofe, 423, Restigouche, 4-0, extra wide spool, with original box, description is right on the front of the box and the reel is like new


Edward vom Hofe, 423, 4-0, with original box 

Lovell & Sons, Salmon reel, marked 'E. C. Powell', 100 



E. C. Powell, fly reel, 100

Champion distance caster and legendary fisherman, E. C. Powell, began building bamboo fly rods in 1910 and his creations are still considered by many to be the best engineered rods ever built.


Edward vom Hofe, 4-0, 621


Edward vom Hofe, 621, 4-0 reel

 Julius vom Hofe, B. Ocean, 6-0


Julius vom Hofe, B. Ocean 6-0 reel

Julius vom Hofe, B. Ocean, 3-0



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Tom Greene's personal antique reel collection 2019


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