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Dates of manufacture for Heddon's early reels

Heddon model numbers and dates of manufacture for 1917-1936

No. 30, made 1917 to 1919 

•No. 35, made 1917 to 1919

•No. 40, made 1917 to 1919

•No. 45, made 1917 to 1919

•3-15, made 1920-1927

•3-24, made 1920-1924

•3-30, made 1920-1924

•4-15, made 1922 only

•4-18, made 1923-1924

•3-35, made 1922-1926

•3-25, made 1931-1936

(Data on reel size and dates taken from an excellent NFLCC article by Ron Gast on Heddon reels.)

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