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Antique Reels' is about American-made antique fishing rods & reels, old fishing lures, the fun of collecting, and hopefully a way to help those who want to sell a reel or learn more about reels they possess.   Kentucky and other early brass and silver reels are our specialty as are Fly and salt-waters high grade reels.


You will find quality photos of rare reels by Sage, Milam, Meek, vom Hofe, Fin-Nor, Heddon, and many others.  Specializing in Salmon, Fly, Kentucky, and all early Big Game reels.


Tom Greene

Tom Greene

Collector of high-grade antique fishing reels


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Photos of Early Collector Reels

Look at the photos and see if you have anything like these:

Fin-Nor Wedding Cake fly reels, brass reels, vom Hofes, Kentucky reels, Heddon, Hardy, Jack Welch, Leonard, J.F. & B.F Meek, Meek & Milam, Sage, Deally, Talbot... pages and pages of reel photos

Antique Reel photos: page one

Antique Reel photos: page two

Antique Reel photos: page three

Antique Reel photos: page four

Antique Reel photos: page five

Antique Reel photos: page six 

Antique Reel photos: page seven

Antique Reel photos: page eight

Antique Reel photos: page nine  

Antique Reel photos: page ten 

Antique Reel photos: page eleven

Antique Reel photos: page twelve

Antique Reel photos: page thirteen

Antique Reel photos: page fourteen

Antique Reel photos: page fifteen

Antique Reel Photos: page sixteen

Antique Reel Photos: page seventeen

Specialist in 'Kentucky' Reels

Photos of Early Brass Reels

Sizes "zero" to "ten"



Click on the following articles for:

Paying top dollar for excellent condition antique rods and reels.  Also buying pre-1930 reel parts for the type reels shown on this site.


Especially looking to buy cardboard boxes for early reels.  Paying top dollar for just the empty box, more with the original reel

Call Tom before you sell to anyone else, it's toll free

"If you don't ask me how much I'll pay... we both lose"

Contact information:  Tom Greene at Custom Rod and Reel

Names of bait caster, fly, and smaller reels which I collect and wish to purchase.  Also I want boxes and parts for any and all of these...

LEONARD: Leonard-Mills
KOVALOVSKY: large reels
BATE: T.H. Bate or T.H. Bate & Co.
MEEK: B.F. Meek,
MEEK: B.F. Meek & Sons
MEEK: Meek & Milam
CHUBB: Thos. Chubb
CONROY: J.C. Conroy, Thos. Conroy
MILAM: B.C. Milam (& Son)
FIN-NOR: flyreels
MILLS: Wm. Mills & Son
FIN-NOR: big game reels
SAGE: J.L. Sage
FOSS: Al Foss
FOWLER: A.H. Fowler
SNYDER: George Snyder "GS"
FULLILOVE: Frank W. Fullilove
TALBOT: Wm. Talbot
HEDDON: No.'s 30, 35, 40
VOM HOFE: F. vom Hofe
HEDDON: No.'s 45, 3-15, 3-24
VOM HOFE: Julius vom Hofe
HEDDON: No.'s, 3-30, 3-35, 4-15, 4-18
VOM HOFE: Edward vom Hofe
HENSHALL: Henshall-Van Antwerp
WISNER: C.H.Wisner
HORTON: Horton Mfg. Co.
WELCH: Jack Welch
GAYLE: Geo. W. Gayle ( & Son )
WHEELER: Wheeler & McGregor
LEONARD: H.L. Leonard
See an extensive list of other 'valuable' reels I want to buy


I especially want to buy early fly and salmon fishing reels that look like these by...Vom Hoffe, Talbot 'Ben Hur' and other makers.  Paying top Tom Greene!  Tell me what you have for sale... I also buy early wood fishing lures...Click here to see examples


Photos of early Big Game Reels from the 1930's and some... 

Really Big Game Fish !

This you have to see to believe it...

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Tom Greene buys


Names of some of the BIG GAME REELS I want to buy... click here to see even more maker names










A full list of American makers I want to buy

Always buying big game fishing rods in excellent condition by any of the above makers or rods by Tycoon or Arthur Kolvalovsky

As a long-term collector of high-grade antique fishing reels, I am always interested in adding quality pieces, like those seen on this site, to my collection. If you have early fishing reels, like those listed on this site which you wish to sell, please call me on my toll-free business number (at Custom Rod and Reel)

Before you sell your reel or lures, call or e-mail me, Tom Greene...I pay top dollar for quality items


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Early Reel Photos:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17

If you have antique reels, Kentucky reels, big game rods and reels, or early fly reels you wish to sell:

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